Controlling the Tasmota SonOff Switch with MQTT and Node-Red

In this tutorial we will look at controlling the Tasmota SonOff Switch using node-red and the sonoff-tasmota node

You will need to first install the node. It is called node-red-contrib-sonoff-tasmota


The install creates a new category Sonoff and the node called Sonoff device.


The node is effectively a wrapper over MQTT.

To use the node just drag it into the workspace.
The node has  input and output connections.

In the flow below we use an inject node to send a command and a debug node to see the output.

In reality the output node shows us what we sent to the node and not what is sent on by the node using MQTT.

To view the messages sent by the node, and also received by the node we can use the mosquitto_sub tool.

In the screen shot below the node is connected to the broker and reports the switch state as ON even though It is not connected.


When deployed the node sends a status request message but doesn’t get a response.


Configuring the Node

Below is a screen shot of the node configuration screen.


You need to set the mode to match the topic scheme you are using on the network.

The options are

%topic%/%prefix% or %prefix%/%topic%

The topic is the id you configure in the id field and the prefix is cmnd,tele or stat.

So using our structure we will see messages with the following topics:


You can set the on/off values that the node sends when it is triggered.

To trigger the on value to be sent you inject Boolean true. To trigger the off value to be sent you inject Boolean false.

Below is the configuration of the inject node for triggering the on value.


Turning the Switch on and Off

The flow in the download is a simple flow to send on/off to a switch using the inject nodes.

The screen shot shows the messages sent between the node and the switch.

Turn On


Turn OFF


Flow Download


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        1. You click on the menu bar top right and then manage pallette and click the install tab and enter tas in search box and it comes up at the top of the list and then click the install button.

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