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stevessmarthomeJust like our phones, our home are becoming smart. To make them smart they are being fitted with:

  • smart switches
  • smart lights
  • smart Locks
  • etc

These once normal household devices are being made smart by connecting them together over a network, and then to the Internet.

Because most Homes built today aren’t smart they will be made smart incrementally,by adding smart devices to solve present day problems

Perhaps you might need to install a security system, so you install a smart security system. Later you want to integrate it with your lights so you install a smart lighting system.

In order to do this you will need a basic understanding of networking and how, or if, they can be connected to each other.

About This Site

The aim of this site is help you learn and understand:

  • Home Networking basics
  • How these smart devices connect to each other and how they work.
  • Understand the technologies and protocols found in a smart home.
  • Solve common home automation problems
  • Create home automation programs. e.g skills

Getting Started

In order to build a smart home you will need to understanding how to setup a home network and how it works. -See Smart Home Networking

Follow my progress as I slowly convert my home into a smart home. – Making a Smart Home

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Latest Posts

Understanding DHCP on Home Networks

understanding-dhcpDHCP (Dynamic Host configuration protocol) provides a mechanism for automatically allocating IP (IPv4) addresses to network devices e.g. computers..

It consists of two components.

  • A DHCP client
  • A DHCP server


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Using The Ping Command – Home Networking Testing

ping-command-iconThe ping command is one of the most often used networking utilities for troubleshooting network problems.

You can use the ping command to test the availability of a networking device (usually a computer) on a network.

When you ping a device you send that device a short message, which it then sends back (the echo). (more…)

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Basic Home Network And Internet Components, Devices and Services

An Internet connected home/home office network, consists of a variety of hardware and software components.

In this tutorial we look at the various components that you need to create a computer network and connect it to the Internet.

The technologies, components and services used in small home networks are the same (function wise) as those used in large corporate networks.


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Troubleshooting Home Network and Internet Connection Problems

troubleshoot-problemsYou will at some time or another experience problems with your Internet connection. Like

  • Can’t connect to a particular website
  • Can’t access email
  • Internet Connection appears slow
  • No Internet connection

In order to troubleshoot and fix the problem you you will need an understanding of how the devices you are using normally connect to the Internet. (more…)

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10 Useful Windows Networking Commands

windows-commandWindows has some very useful networking utilities that are accessed from a command line (cmd console).

On Windows 10 type cmd in the search box to open a command console.


The networking commands are mainly used for getting system information and troubleshooting networking problems.

Here we look at the 10 commands that I use most often. (more…)

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