Steve’s Smart Home Networking Guide

stevessmarthomeAlmost all homes currently have an Home networks that connects our computers and other devies to the Internet.

However just like our phones, our home are becoming smart. To make them smart they are being fitted with:

  • smart switches
  • smart lights
  • smart Locks
  • etc

These once normal household devices are being made smart by connecting them together over the home network, and then to the Internet.

Because most Homes built today aren’t smart they will be made smart incrementally,by adding smart devices to solve present day problems

Perhaps you might need to install a security system, so you install a smart security system.

Later you want to integrate it with your lights so you install a smart lighting system.

However will these devices work on your existing network? Will you need addition networking equipment?

In order to do this you will need a basic understanding of home networking and common home networking devices, how they work, and what functions they provide.

About This Site

Personally I’m not into gadgets and so I will not be doing product reviews on smart home or networking products.

The aim of this site is to help you :

  • Learn and understand Home Networking basics
  • Understand how  home network and smart home devices connect to the network and how they work.
  • Understand the technology and protocols found on a  home network.
  • Solve common home networking and home automation network problems.

Getting Started

Whether you are taking the DIY approach or just wanting to get familiar with the technology and products you will need to understand how to setup a home network and how it works. – See Smart Home Networking

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Best Regards Steve

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Latest Posts

Find Tasmota Devices- Node-Red Flow

When you install a Tasmota device on a network it is usually automatically assigned an IP address by a DHCP server.

In order to configure the device you will need to connect to it using a web browser and to do that you will need to know the IP address of the device. (more…)

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Practical Guide to Using and Managing Zigbee Devices

To use Zigbee devices on your home network or the Internet you will need a Zigbee Gateway.

This Gateway usually acts as a Zigbee coordinator and also a Zigbee to TCP/IP gateway. (more…)

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Home Assistant Templating for Beginners -Part 1

Templates are a powerful feature in home assistant that allows you to control information coming into or going out of home assistant.

It is used for:

  • Formatting outgoing messages in, for example, the notify platforms .
  • Process incoming data from sources that provide raw data, like MQTT, rest sensors or the command_line sensor.
  • Automation Templating.


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DIY Home Security Systems Basics

Home security used to mean a dog, a fence and a gate.

But today it usually means motion sensors,alarms and cameras.

Almost every home implements some elements of home security. Common are:

  • Doorbell cameras
  • Door and window alarms.
  • Outdoor cameras


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Smart Home Automations With Home Assistant

The home assistant dashboard lets you see the status of your devices and to manually control them.

But how do you automatically control devices? The answer is via automations.

An automation consists of a trigger+condition(optional) + action as you will see in the wizard. (more…)

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