Tasmota For Beginners

Tasmota is an open-source firmware designed specifically for ESP8266 and ESP32-based devices developed by Theo Arends.

It provides an alternative firmware solution and replaces, by flashing, the firmware on these devices.

Manufacturer provided firmware on most devices usually allows full control only via a cloud base platform.

Tasmota firmware enables enhanced control and customization specifically local control using both HTTP and MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

The github page is here and provides access to the code and setup instructions.

Terms Used

MQTT protocol – This is a publish and subscribe message protocol fast becoming the de facto protocol for connecting IOT devices.

HTTP– Hyper text transfer protocol. The protocol used by web browsers.

https – secure http- Uses encryption to protect data.

Device Flashing – Process of putting new code on a device.

Tasmota Tutorials on the Site:

Flashing devices Useful links


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