Hubitat vs Home Assistant Quick Guide

hubitat-c8-iconI’m currently not a user of Hubitat, but I am currently exploring and using home assistant.

However I watched a video on Hubitat and how it compared to home assistant and thought it would be interesting to research Hubtitat a little further as it looks interesting.

It seems that Hubitat was developed by some of the same people as the original smartthings hub- see here

It was also developed like home assistant to work locally and not to be cloud dependent.

Hubitat like smartthings is a hardware hub and has all of the necessary hardware support for Zigbee and Zwave.

An interesting point arising from the video was the range of the Zwave  and ZigBee wireless for the Hubitat c8.

Hubitat and Home Assistant Compared

Here are some key differences and similarities between the two:


Hubitat is a closed-source platform that runs on a local hub, while Home Assistant is an open-source platform that can be installed on a variety of devices, including a Raspberry Pi, a computer, or a cloud server.

User interface

Both platforms offer a web-based interface for configuring and controlling devices, but Home Assistant has a more customizable and flexible interface with more options for themes and widgets.

Device compatibility

Both platforms support a wide range of devices, but Home Assistant has a larger community of developers who create integrations and plugins for new devices.

Automation capabilities

Both platforms offer robust automation capabilities, but Home Assistant has more advanced automation features such as conditional statements and support for scripting languages like Python.


Hubitat has a one-time cost for the hub, while Home Assistant is free to download and install. However, Home Assistant may require additional hardware costs depending on the installation method chosen.

Hubitat may be a better choice for those who prefer a simpler and more straightforward setup.

Home Assistant may be a better choice for those who are more technical and want more customization.

Common Questions and Answers

Q1.Can Hubitat be controlled using voice commands?

A1- Yes, Hubitat can be controlled using voice commands through popular virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You need to enable the Hubitat skill or action in the respective virtual assistant App and link it to your Hubitat account.

Q2- Can You create automations  in Hubitat?

A2-Yes to create an automation rule in Hubitat, go to the web interface and select “Apps”, then “Add Built-In App” and choose the automation app that best suits your needs.You can thenset up triggers, conditions, and actions to automate your smart devices.

Q3- Can I use Z-Wave ot Zigbee devices with Home Assistant?

A3- Yes but you will need a Zigbee or Zwave hub or both.


Home assistant is a software based platform as is a popular choice for DIY smart home system builders who want to utilise existing hardware.

Hubitat is a hardware based system that requires very little technical experience to setup and is ideal for those who just want a system that works.

Hubitat is also ideal if you have Z-Wave or Zigbee devices as opposed to Wi-Fi as the hub comes with Z-Wave and Zigbee support.

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  1. Very fair article. I thought I would try the new Hubitat C8 and whilst it is good at what it does, the things that it can do are limited. It wasn’t long before I added my Home Assistant devices to Hubitat via the
    Home Assistant Device Bridge. To use a serial tally printer that provides me with a hard copy of logs I wanted was also beyond the Hubitat basics and I relied on using Home Assistant.

    I have probably been spoilt by the flexibilty of Home Assistant especially with the easy to install Node-Red and various HACS add ons.

    I am still playing with the Hubitat but agree Steve. To my mind, it’s a bit like comparing the flexibility of an Android device over the “controlled garden” of and iOs device. It’s horses for courses.

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