Building A Home Automation System Using Node-Red

There are many home automation control systems available to choose from – see here

However rather than use an existing system I’ve decided to build my own using Node-Red and a Raspberry Pi.

Although I will be using the Raspberry Pi as it is very versatile, small and cheap, you can use Windows or any Linux system as Node-Red is supported on all these platforms.

Getting Started

Node-Red comes pre-installed on the raspberry Pi but you may need to upgrade it.

An install script is provided on the node-red site. Here are the instructions on the Raspberry Pi Site.

If you are new to Node-Red then I would recommend you take a look at this overview video.

I also provide tutorials and videos on my other site covering node-red basics like nodes, startup files etc. See Node-red-overview .

I will be creating tutorials, flows and dashboards that will show you how to:

  • Monitor Your Network
  • Automate your Home

Monitoring Your Network

Home Automation

Controlling the Tasmota Switch with Node-Red

Smart Home Simuluator

In order to generate test data and control dashboard I have create a smart home simulator in node-red which currently consists of :

  • sensor simulators
  • Control dashboard

You can read more about it and download the node-red flows- Smart home simulator


Do you have any tutorial suggestions I would be glad to hear them. Please use the comments form below.


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