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The site is focused on home networking and home automation and currently  receives approximately 2.4K views per day.

I am looking for site sponsors/advertisers so as to better control the advertising on the site.

I currently only offer 2 to 3 sidebar banner ad slots and a header banner slot.

Site sponsors/advertisers who commit to a 6 month sponsorship will be given the opportunity to contribute an article to the site.

I will edit the article but acknowledge the contribution and provide a link (marked sponsored) to a page of your choosing.

The current rates are:

Description Size Cost/Month
square 250*250 $200
small square 200*200 $150
Skyscrapper 120*600 $400
Header banner 160*600 $400

Note: If you opt for the skyscrapper you will be allowed to choose the position in the sidebar.

Also please note that you are responsible for providing the banners.

Please use form on the contact page to enquire.



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