Smart Home Video Doorbell Review Research Notes

There are many smart home video doorbells available in this tutorial we will look at what they are, and why you might consider getting one.

We look at:

  • What is a Smart Video Doorbell
  • Benefits of a Smart Video Doorbell

We will also look at some reviews for popular video doorbells -blink,ring and XTU.

What is a Smart video Doorbell?

A video doorbell offers both convenience and security.

With a video doorbell you can see who is at the door without having to go and open it, and you can even speak to then over the two way intercom which they almost all provide.

In addition most have a PIR (motion) sensor so that you get a notification when someone approaches the door and a video recording.

Many also have an alarm or siren function to scare away unwanted visitors.

All of the functionality is available using an App on a mobile phone or tablet.

Almost all are wireless (Wi-Fi) devices, and the most popular are battery operated but wired devices are available and may also be an option.

Although these devices work without a service subscription you may find that certain functionality like video history is unavailable without a subscription.

Some like the XTU doorbell provide local storage using a micro SD card.

Blink,Ring and XTU video doorbell reviews

If you look at the Amazon reviews for all of these video doorbells you will find mainly positive reviews.

From the number of reviews the Ring doorbell appears to be the most popular.

The ring and Blink doorbells are roughly the same price.

The XTU doorbell is more expensive but has local SD storage.


What to Look For

Video Quality

1080P is pretty standard but it may vary between day and night.

Motion Detection

Some offer humanoid motion detection to stop animals triggering the doorbell. This may not work without a subscription.


Always go for two way audio so you can speak to whoever is at the door. Check the reviews for audio quality.

Wired or Not Wired

Many are battery operated but some are hard wired and so you need to have a suitable power supply nearby.

Battery Life

Some can be hard wired so that you don’t need to keep changing or recharging the battery. This is especially important if you are away a lot.

Smart Home Integration

Do you need it to interact with other smart home devices using Alexa or Google Home?

Local Video Storage

Most only offer cloud storage which requires a subscription. Do you want to pay monthly (approx $4/month).

The following videos gives a good overview of what to expect from a video doorbell and compares some popular models.

Ultimate Smart Home Doorbell Comparison

No subscription needed! Video Doorbell by XTU.


A smart doorbell is a great way to make your life more convenient. They let you know who is at your door,and let you speak with visitors.

They also let you monitor what’s happening outside your home, and many  integrate with other smart home devices.

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