Amazon Echo Devices Quick Overview

amazon-echo-smallIf you’re confused by all of the different options available from Amazon then this quick overview should help.

There are three main device types:

  1. Connect and Buttons
  2. Smart Speakers
  3. Smart Speakers with Display

They are all sold under the echo brand name

Echo Connect and Buttons

Amazon Echo Connect -Cost Approx $35

This connects to your home land line and lets you make phone calls.

To work you will need

  • An echo connect device
  • An echo smart speaker e.g. echo dot
  • To sync your mobile phone contacts with Alexa

see here

Amazon Echo Buttons Cost Approx $20

Designed to be used for playing games. They need a Echo smart speaker to work.

See here

Smart Speakers

These devices have a speaker and microphone and  the more expensive the device the better the speaker.

Amazon Echo Dot -Cost around $50

Most popular product now in the second generation. It is a small black puck like device which has a microphone and speaker.

The speaker isn’t as good quality as the Echo but you can connect it via bluetooth to an external speaker box.

Amazon Echo – Cost approx $100

The original home speaker now in the second generation. It is basically the same as the echo dot except that the speaker is of much higher quality.

Smart Speakers With Display

These devices have a built in display and generally the more expensive the device the better the display.

Amazon Echo Spot

echo-spot Looks like and similar size to the echo dot but has a small screen. Again it has bluetooth so you can connect it to external speakers.

Amazon Echo Plus- Cost approx $150

This is designed for the home automation market and is a smart speaker with a smart home hub for controlling smart home devices.

It only support Zigbee which is strange as most smart home hubs support both Zigbee and Zwave.  See smart home networking

Amazon Echo Look Cost Approx $200

Smart camera and fashion stylist. Basically a voice activated camera. Limited availability US and by invite only (July 2018)

Amazon Echo Show Cost Approx $200

Amazon echo plus camera and display. You can use it to make video calls to other Alexa users.


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